Real Estate & Mortgage FREE Microsoft ®Excel Spreadsheets

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Spreadsheet NameDescriptionDownload SpreadsheetOnline Calculator Available
Real Estate Rehab Profitability AnalysisGetting a good deal? Will you make money by the time you've fixed it up and resold it?Download SpreadsheetView online calculator
Hypothetical Retirement ScenarioThink a million dollars is a lot to retire on? Think again.Download SpreadsheetView online calculator
10-Year Real Estate Investment AnalysisBuying an income property? Project your income and profits for the next 10 years. Essential when making a loan application.Download SpreadsheetView online calculator
Breakeven Analysis for Investment PropertyCalculate the breakeven occupancy on an investment property such as an apartment or office building.Download SpreadsheetNot Available
Evaluate Qualification for a Hard Money Mortgage How much should you lend on that hard money loan?Download SpreadsheetView online calculator
Commercial Property AnalysisEstimate how much you could borrow on that commercial property. Allows for NOI, repairs, Debt Service Coverage Ratio. Download SpreadsheetView online calculator
Foreclosure Loss AnalysisEstimate how much you could lose foreclosing on that loan. Allows for loss of income, legal costs, fix-up costs etc. Download SpreadsheetView online calculator
Mortgage Affordability AnalysisShow the range of payments if incrementing the interest rate and principal.Download SpreadsheetView online calculator
Bi Weekly Mortgage AmorizationEvaluate the first 26 payments based on principal interest rate and loan period.Download SpreadsheetNot Available
Buying Reversionary PropertiesBuy Real Estate from senior citizens. Is this an option and financially viable?Download SpreadsheetNot Available


Our spreadsheets do not use Macros and have been used for years without any problems. Please ensure you only download these spreadsheets from our site.

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In order to view these spreadsheets you need to have a copy of Microsoft ®Excel 97 or later. All the spreadsheets have been saved in compatibility mode for Microsoft ®Excel 97 to 2003, so they should work for most users.


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