Warranty and Support

Support will ONLY be provided if you have purchased Lender Spreadsheet PRO version from lenderspreadsheet.com Support is NOT provided for our Lite version.

When you purchase Lender Spreadsheet PRO version, you gain access to our PRO members area. Once you are logged into your account you can send us a support request.

Visit LenderSpreadsheet.com for support

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Support Policy

No software manufacturer can or will guarantee their software is 100% bug free. Nor can we.

If you complete the support form from within your PRO account on lender spreadsheet.com, we will receive your feedback via email and will use reasonable endeavors to fix the problem. If still not satisfied, your sole remedy is to delete this software from your computer and receive a FULL REFUND from us of the price you paid.

In common with all other software providers we accept no responsibility for any losses or costs incurred by you while using this spreadsheet.

If we find there is a bug in our spreadsheet which we are able to fix, we will send you details of an updated version. We will also email the updated version along with a description and upgrade instructions if necessary to all other customers.

If we need more information, we will contact you via email and advise you of any questions.

Sending us information for diagnostic purposes

We may need to see the exact spreadsheet you are having problems with. If that is the case, we will ask you to make a copy of the file and then edit it to remove confidential information, such as your borrower’s social security number, names, addresses and other contact information.

Any information you do send us will be treated as strictly confidential and immediately deleted once we have finished our review.

Upgrade Policy

From time to time we may improve Lender Spreadsheet and design a new or updated version, although there is no guarantee we will release a new version beyond version 2.0.0.

To find out if you’re using the latest version on lenderspreadsheet.com, check our changelog.