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To link to an article to show it is Copyright of

The following article is Copyright and is used with their permission.

The html you would use is:
<p>The following article is Copyright <a href=””></a> and is used with their permission.</p>

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We recommend the website

This is the html code to use:
<p>We recommend the <a href=””></a>website</p>

To open a new window to a page on our site, for example our Online Calculators menu

Firstly, copy and paste the link from the page you want.

By opening a new window with the target=_blank visitors will be sent to a new window, whilst still keeping your site open. You can change the target=_ depending on what you want. See here for a useful tutorial from

This is the html code to use:
<a href=”” target=_blank>Go to Online Calculators.</a>

How to solve problems with links to a page or item on our site

  1. Find a link that you like.
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If you see “&lt;” anywhere in the link then change “&lt;” to “<“. (Ignore the quote marks of course.)
If you see “&quot;” anywhere in the link then change “&quot;” to “.
If you see “&gt;” anywhere in the link then change it to “>”. Again, ignore the quote marks.)