FREE Information on Private Mortgage Management and Real Estate InvestmentReal Estate Investment and Private Mortgages

We offer you FREE Information on Real Estate Investment and Private Mortgages.

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Originate Private Mortgages

Learn how you can earn 10-15% interest per year and not get burned. The writer of this free information has spent years investing his own money in mortgages. He has learned through the school of hard knocks how to make money. How to Originate Private Mortgages.

Commercial and Residential Mortgages

Learn how to borrow money and why you may be turned down. Learn the meaning of a sub prime mortgage. How a commercial mortgage differs from a residential mortgage. What a hard money mortgage is and how to qualify for one. Whether you are looking for Residential or Commercial Mortgages, we have a wealth of articles for you to view. Learn about Commercial and Residential Mortgages.

Invest in Seller Financed Mortgages

Learn the secrets for FREE of investing in seller owned originated mortgages and deeds of trusts at a discount. Learn the things that you won’t learn from some late night TV scam artist who only wants to take your money for a worthless course. Investing in Seller Financed Mortgages.

Sell Your Mortgage

Learn how to sell your Seller held Mortgage for the highest possible price. We offer you free advice, no matter whether you are holding a first or second mortgage. How to Sell Your Mortgage FREE.

Manage Your Private Mortgage

Learn the different aspects of Private Mortgage Management. How to get paid and what to do if you are not paid. We offer Lender software that takes care of all your bookkeeping needs. Manage Your Mortgage FREE.

Real Estate Investment

How and why to make real estate investments. Should you buy and hold or buy and flip for a quick profit? FREE spreadsheets similar to those sold for hundreds of dollars elsewhere on the Internet. Commercial mortgage and real estate. Learn about Real Estate Investment.

Note Brokers

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Mortgage Brokers

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Real Estate Professionals

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