How to Upload Viewable Documents to Your Listing

A major feature of this site is that you can upload documents relating to your transaction so they can be viewed by anyone. This could include your mortgage, note, appraisal etc. Do not upload confidential information like credit reports. You should cover over confidential information like the name and social security number.

What Files can I Upload?

You can upload photos.

You can also upload a pdf file with a maximum size of 900k. You can convert any word processor document or spreadsheets into pdf files.

To Upload Your Files

  1. Post Your Listing
  2. Once you have posted your listing you will have the option of uploading a Photo and Documents. If you wish to add them later click on the link: Edit Listings.
  3. Click on the Section in which you want to add your Photo/Documents.
  4. Click on the link Add
  5. Click the button Add Photo or Document.
  6. Scroll down a little and enter the Listing number to which you want to add your Photo or pdf Document. You can find your listing number (i) on the email confirmation you received from us when you placed your listing or (ii) in the listing itself. Look just under the words Listing Information. The Ad Number is just under the Category.
  7. Choose the file you want to upload, either a Photo or pdf document, by searching for it on your computer.
  8. Click the button Upload Photo or Document to your listing.
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