Sell Mortgage FAQ

Q. Will I incur any expenses when I sell my mortgage?
A. Not usually. Most mortgage buyers pay all closing costs associated with the sale of your mortgage.

Q. How much can I expect to receive for my mortgage?
A. It depends. The buyer will need to review the documents to see the terms of the mortgage such as the interest rate and other variables. By placing your mortgage for sale on our Listing Service you have the opportunity of having several offers to compare.

Q. How do I get an offer?
A. To start the process of selling your note, you’ll need to place a listing. The listing is FREE for 3 months. This includes a picture of the property and posting the mortgage documents online. There are no other charges made by us.

Q. Can I sell a portion of my Note?
A. Yes. You can sell whatever your financial needs require, which allows you to keep the payments when the note is returned to you. Generally speaking, the smaller the number of payments you sell, the greater the discount taken by the mortgage buyer.

Q. How will selling my note affect the payer?
A. The payer experiences no change in his note. The only change will be the address where he mails his payment.

Q. How long will it take to close and get my money?
A. This will depend on the buyer. But usually they can close within 10 business days.

Q. Why are mortgages discounted?
A. Generally the mortgage you own is being paid by someone who could not qualify for a conventional mortgage or who made a smaller down payment than would usually be required. Also the interest rate may be less than market rates. The discount is to compensate the mortgage buyer for all of these factors. As well as covering their closing costs and due diligence into your mortgage. By placing an ad with us you expose your mortgage to as many buyers as possible so you can get the maximum amount.

Q. What is the difference between your company and others?
A. We the only Nationwide service to advertise your mortgage. We charge NOTHING for a listing that includes a picture or the posting of online documents. We are the only company that is a true market place for your mortgage and provides you with tools to help you manage your mortgage, or sell it for cash if you wish.

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