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Writing a Mortgage for Sale Listing that will get you the most money!

What a Mortgage Buyer wants

The fear of loss is always greater than the desire for gain. People will not buy your mortgage, even with a high interest rate, if they don’t think they will get their money back.

Remember to always answer the four “C”s, Collateral, Commitment, Credit and Capacity.

Writing Your Listing and Selecting the Category from the four available.

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There are numerous subcategories, so make sure you review all the options before posting an ad.

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The Headline

Someone seeing your listing will make an instant judgment as to whether or not to read on based on your headline. Is it a New Purchase or a Refinance? What single compelling thing is there about your loan request? Here are some good examples of headlines:

  • New Purchase: 65% Loan to Value.
  • Refinance: Perfect payment record 5 years.
  • Wanted: Quick closing for shopping center.

Fill in the check boxes

Try to give the lender as much information as possible.

Is this a first or second mortgage request? Do you have good credit? What is your interest rate goal (is this goal realistic)? How long do you want the loan for?

Your Story

You need to sit down and draft what you will put in the text field. Have a good think about it, as a poorly worded add is unlikely to be taken seriously.

You can easily outline extra information in your ad and give more information about yourself and your business.


Please don’t use ALL CAPS as it makes it much harder to read.


Now change it regular upper and lower case and you’ll see the difference. This sentence is written in all caps and is less likely to be read.

Mortgage requests that don’t work on our site (or anywhere else for that matter)

We constantly see ads placed that look like this:

“We have terrible credit and no money. Can someone please lend us money to buy a house, we really want one?”
“I am a 25-year old student with bad credit and no money. I would like to borrow $6 million to buy a shopping center”.
“Want 100% financing to buy apartment building. Zero down payment.”

PLEASE! Ads like this are just a waste of your time. You’re dreaming. Ask ANYONE in the street if they’d like to own a shopping center (or a hotel or an apartment building) if they didn’t have a dime of their own money at risk and it didn’t matter how bad their credit was. How many people do you think would refuse?

Would YOU lend your money to such an individual? Of course not. Because you know full well that the borrower has a high chance of default and you will end up losing money when you eventually go through the legal steps to repossess on a probably trashed property.

If you have bad credit and no money the only ways to buy a home are to buy it for well below market price (and get a high interest hard money mortgage), buy a HUD or VA foreclosure or to get a lease option on a home.

How to respond to a Lender or Mortgage Broker Listing

Please read these notes before you search our database of lenders and mortgage brokers.

Firstly, what type of mortgage do you want?

Do you have excellent credit trying to get the best terms on a conventional loan, are you a real estate investor who wants short term money so they can fix and flip a property for a profit or are you a first time home buyer with limited funds and so-so credit? This will determine the type of lender or mortgage broker you should be searching for.

What a lender or Mortgage Broker will want to know to consider your mortgage request

Contact details

Make it easy for lenders to contact you. Give a VALID email address that you check often, day and evening phone numbers and a fax number if you have it.

Answer for them the 4 Cs.

  • What is the Collateral. The street address of the property. It’s size, what it is worth and how you got that value (recent purchase, comparable sales in area, appraisal etc).
  • How is your Credit? You should not allow the lender to run your credit report at this time, or send it to them. You should tell them your credit score. But you should know what your credit is like and also check for any false information on your credit report so you can get it removed. Get your Credit Report.
  • What is your Commitment? How much of a down payment are you making?
  • What is your Capacity to repay this mortgage? Briefly, how much do you make, what is your career and how long have you been employed there. What other regular debts do you have?

How to avoid Scams

The world is full of dishonest individuals who try many underhand methods to obtain money. We cannot validate who posts an ad on our site, although if the ad is clearly a scam we will delete. You must do your own due diligence on any ad you wish to reply to. If a deal seems to be too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Further information on avoiding scams.