Lender Software Pro for Mortgage Loan Management to Create Late Notices, Calculate Payoffs, Print Sub 1098, Acceleration Notices, Balloon Notices, Record Payments and Print Payment Coupons all for only $49.99

Why did we write our own Lender Software?

We used a well known make of Loan Servicing software for years and struggled with a 300 page manual that seemed to make the simplest thing difficult. We paid every year for a so-called upgrade. After numerous support related issues we decided to design our own Lender Software for Private Mortgage Accounting.

Our primary focus for our Lender Software

Our demands were that it should be EASY to create accounting for notes, easy to change interest rates, easy to manage escrow payments. It should have automatic addition of late charges and be capable to tracking when the payment cleared our bank.

Who would benefit from using our Lender Software?

For example, if you are a Hard Money Lender who Originates Private Mortgages, then our Lender Software will take care of all your mortgage accounting needs. Maybe you only own a few mortgage loans and you’re struggling with your own spreadsheets, because you don’t want to pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for dedicated software. Our Lender Software will manage a single loan extremely well and, it’s very simple to copy the software for as many loans as you have, so it is scalable to your business.

We use Lender Software Ourselves

After extensive testing and use in our own business for over a year, we are able to give you the opportunity to try and compare our Lender Software for Note Accounting and Management. And, if you like it, buy it for just $49.99.

  • $49.99 one-off charge.
  • No renewal fees.
  • Use on as many of your own computers as you like, no extra charges.
  • It comes with a 35 page step by step user guide.

All you need apart from our downloadable software is Excel 2007 or later.

Existing customers will be emailed the latest version free of charge. If you are a previous customer and you have not received version 1.7.8, then please contact us and we will email you the latest version.

Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.