Private and Hard Money Lenders

Private and Hard Money Lenders

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Private and Hard Money Lenders

Private and hard money lenders can be the ideal source of funding for those hard-to-do-quickly loans.

Reasons why Hard Money Lending makes sense to you as a lender. There are many companies making hard money loans.

The benefits to you are:

  • Quick closings. 7 days or less is usual.
  • Less risk of losses from default as LTV usually 65% or less.
  • Higher origination fees. 5-6 points is possible.
  • Possible to fund “investor rehab” deals that banks won’t look at.
  • Far less paperwork. Typically, appraisals, title insurance, hazard insurance and a credit report are all that is needed.
  • Mortgage created can be advertised here and resold if necessary.

FAQ about Hard Money and Private Mortgages.