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Our site is designed to be a meeting place for buyers, sellers and investors in private mortgages.

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We offer FREE pages of information, tutorials, calculators, legal forms, free downloads and other valuable resources.

We have 6 main audiences:

  • Owners of mortgages
  • Owners of mortgages who would sooner have cash
  • Investors in mortgages (or those who want to learn about this investment vehicle)
  • Sellers of real estate who are thinking of offering seller financing
  • Borrowers
  • Real estate professionals

We do not sell, trade or otherwise disclose your personal information. Obviously any information that you post on our listing service is viewable by anyone with an internet connection.

What we help you with:

  • Evaluate risk
  • Calculate yields
  • Protect yourself with the right paperwork
  • Get paid (or get the loan you want)
  • Manage your investment
  • Help you sell your mortgage if you wish

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