Tax Calculators

Calculator Description
Estate Tax CalculatorEstate tax calculator where you can enter your detials, such as your IRA/401k yield and contributions. You can also add after tax investments, life insurance, mortgage balance etc.
After Tax Interest Rate CalculatorAfter tax interest rate calculator. Enter the nominal mortgage interest rate, nominal after tax investment yield, as well as the marginal federal tax rate and the marginal state tax rate.
Tax Deferred CalculatorTax deferred calculator. Enter your monthly contributions and beginning balance as well as estimated annual yields. You will then see a table of future estimations, as well as how long the balance will last with annual withdrawals.
Roth vs. Traditional IRA Calculator to help you decide if the Roth IRA would provide an advantage over a deductible IRA.
Capital Gains CalculatorCalculate Capital Gains from a real estate investment.
Armey Tax CalculatorArmey tax calculator taking into account wage income, filing states, number of dependents and the flat tax rate. Compare results for Armey, Forbes and Gramm.
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