Mortgage Qualification Calculators

Qualify for Hard Money MortgageSophisticated calculator allowing an instant decision for qualification for Hard Money Mortgages. Evaluate based on key factors, such as the safe LTV (Loan to Value), LTV ratio multipliers and interest rate multipliers. Calculate the total mortgage and safe zone in case you have to foreclose the mortgage.
Mortgage Loan Qualifying Calculator to give you a view of the kind of income lenders will expect you to be making to qualify for a mortgage. Add values for annual property taxes and home insurance as well as debts you may have, such as credit cards.
How Much MortgageHow much mortgage can you get for a certain % and x years? Takes account of your annual income, debts, down payment, home insurance and property taxes.
Maximum mortgageMore advanced calculator to ascertain the maximum mortgage based on your salary and other factors such as auto loans, credit cards, alimony and child support etc. Also factors in monthly household expenses, such as real estate taxes and insurance.
Home Down Payment Calculate how much you can put down from 0-20% and how that will alter your total monthly payments. Start with the mortgage amount, term and interest rate.
Income Required for Mortgage CalculatorDo you know the income required for a mortgage? This calculator shows you what you need to own for the mortgage you want and the interest rate. You can add in your monthly liabilities and other expenses too.
Mortgage Point CalculatorHow to calculate mortgage points. Start with the principal amount, term, point rate, discount points etc.
Down Payment AssistanceBuyer's assistance calculator. Start with the sales price and take account of seller donations, new sales price calculations and net assets calculations.
Commercial Loan QualificationCalculator to allow you to qualify for a commercial real estate mortgage. On the 2nd tab titled 'Multi-family' there is another calculator for commercial loan underwriting.