Real Estate and Investment Calculators

10-Year Investment in Real EstateCalculator designed to allow you to forecast the income, expenses, NOI and after tax returns of an income property held for 10 years.
Real Estate Profitability AnalysisCalculator to allow for all costs when buying a house to fix up and resell. Enter values for a pessimistic, medium or optimistic outcome and compare.
Days Between Two DatesDays between two dates. A very simple but incredibly useful calculator to tell you the number of days between two dates. Use this calculator for the number of days for prepaid interest etc.
Foreclosure Risk of LossIf the worst happens and you have to foreclose a property, how much will it cost you? Use this calculator to summarize all your costs, lost income and other expenses to give a profit or loss to the lender.
APR Calculator

APR calculator for a loan. Enter the term, interest rate, origination fee %, as well as points paid and any other fees.
Closing CostsHow much will it cost you to close? This calculator allows you to enter costs such as appraisals, credit report, inspections, moving in costs etc.
Investment Mortgage Investment Mortgage Calculator for possible financial outcomes of the purchase and renting of an investment property.
Compound InterestCalculate compound interest. input the starting value of the investment, final value of the investment and the total duration in years.
Loan Prepayment Loan prepayment calculator. Enter the loan amount, interest rate and amortized length of mortgage. Then enter the desired length of the loan in years or select the desired monthly payment amount.
Nominal vs. Effective RatesCalculate the nominal vs. effective rate. Start with the future value, the present value, number of years and then the compound periods per year.
Loan AmortizationLoan amortization calculator. Enter the loan amount, interest rate and the term in months.
Simple Savings CalculatorSimple savings calculator taking the initial amount, monthly deposit and the compounded interest rate and term.