Financial Calculator Tutorials

It’s not always easy to understand and successfully use financial calculators.

Firstly, we show you how and it’s not as hard as you think!

DISCLAIMER: We are not attorneys and we cannot advise you regarding your particular circumstances. You must always obtain competent legal counsel and financial advice.

  • Tutorial: How to use a Financial Calculator

Next, tutorials to help you calculate 6 critical functions:

  • Tutorial 1: Calculate the number of payments left on a loan
  • Tutorial 2: Purchase of a mortgage at a discount
  • Tutorial 3: Calculate the interest rate when you know the price offered on a loan you own and the number of payments left on a loan.
  • Tutorial 4: Calculate the payment amounts on a loan.
  • Tutorial 5: Calculate the principal balance left on a loan after payments made
  • Tutorial 6: Calculate the original principal balance of a mortgage

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