Not Permitted on our Listings

Cash4CashFlows, American Note Network, Russ Dalbey, American Cash Flow Assn. etc

We specifically BAN any person associated with Cash4Cashflows, American Note Network ,Russ Dalbey, Notenetwork, American Cash Flow Association from accessing this website.

Also any other company that recruits “note brokers” with TV ads, free seminars or telemarketing.

Here is why:

  • Our listings are copyright. Cash4cashflows, Russ Dalbey, American Note Networks etc. don’t promote us and therefore we don’t promote them.
  • We wish our note seller customers to work with knowledgeable, experienced Note Brokers. Sadly this does not apply to most people who have become associated with the above companies.
  • We have also found the persons associated with Cash4Cashflows, Russ Dalbey, American Note Networks and American Cash Flow Association tend to have a high quitting rate and do not stay in the note broking business very long.

WE WILL NOT spend our money generating notes for sale leads so that a competitor can benefit from them.We frequently place “test” notes to find people who are ignoring the above and seek $10,000 in liquidated damages from violators.

Interesting Articles

These are some interesting articles about Russ Dalbey and American Note Networks. We didn’t write them and cannot of course confirm they are accurate.

We have however asked American Note Networks several times for statistics showing the success rate of their students. While they have been promised to us, we have never received them.

Govt. Sues Russ Dalbey “Winning In the Cash Flow Business”

Russ Dalbey’s Cash Flow Note Exposed

America’s Note Network Ripoff Report