Invest in Mortgages by Originating New Loans or by Buying Existing Loans

Looking for safe, high yields on your investments?

(If you are a Note broker).

Private mortgages are the secret way some investors achieve a high yield on their money AND can sleep at night:

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Following the financial crisis, banks are still often reluctant to lend money. That’s where Private Mortgage Lenders come in. They can offer real estate professionals loans on a much more flexible and prompt basis, especially when it comes to lending critiera. Many real estate professionals just cannot get funds from a traditional bank and often don’t meet their often strict lending criteria.

Why a Real Estate Investor should choose a Private Mortgage with a Private Lender

A Private Mortgage could STOP you losing that foreclosure bargain!

If you’re a real estate investor looking to buy a property in foreclosure or a short sale, by the time a bank has rejected your application, someone else has snapped up the deal! We have heard of real estate investors going to the courthouse steps with the private mortgage lender and bidding on the property! When the money is transferred almost immediately, the investor has got the deal!

What are the benefits of Private Mortgage Lenders to Real Estate Investors?

  1. Unlike a normal bank, a private mortgage lender will likely be an expert in real estate and understand the market.
  2. The key is investment potential, not only for the investor but the private mortgage lender.
  3. Making funds available fast. A private mortgage lender can often turn around a deal from assessment to closing in a week. Funds can often be wired over promptly to the closing title company.

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