Nigerian and other Lender Scams

There are NO Lenders based in Nigeria that make loans in the USA.

This is a well known scam all over the internet.

If you are trying to scam our customers be aware that we track and report all illegal and fraudulent activity to the FBI.

As a Mortgage Broker or Lender, you should be properly licensed under state law. We recommend that you include your license number in your listing.

Further information on Avoiding Scams

Example scam we received:

We recommend you DO NOT answer any emails like this.

Message from Miss Mariam Abdullah

With due respect, I send my sincere greetings to you. My name is Miss Mariam Abdullah, 20 yrs old, an Ivorian from western city of San Pedro. I am presently taking refuge in Ghana because of the political crisis that is going on in our country presently.

My father was an Agricultural contractor, a cocoa beans exporter and a staunch member of FPI party (Laurent Gbagbo’s party) in San Pedro. My father was assassination along side with my elder brother by pro-Ouattara rebels, in the night they took the Port of San Pedro. I escaped the massacre with my little sister 9yrs old, but unfortunately, she was hit by stray bullet on our route of escape and she died instantly. I am now left without parents, brother and the most painful, my little sister whom I love so much.

Please, my reason of contacting you is that I need your urgent help to resettle my shattered life in your country. I want to let you know that there is this fund,(USD$17.5M) which is left in a suspense account of my late father in a bank outside our country, where he normally receives payment of his cocoa exports. This is the only money I can lay my hands on, to continue my education and face my future avenue.

Please, I am seeking your help to transfer and secure this money for investment purposes in your country. It is my wish to come over to your country to live with you and continue my studies. I also want you to help me to invest this money for me in a profitable business venture in your country, because I do not know about business, as I am only a student.

I am willing from my heart to compensate you with 30% of the total amount for your effort, if you would sincerely assist me. I will give you details about this fund, as soon as I get your positive response. Please, if you find this mail offensive, please ignore it and accept my apology.

Best regards,

Miss Mariam