Types of individuals who hold Private Mortgages

Those who sold a property and took back a note.

And these divide into 2 types of individuals:

  • Property sellers who never really wanted to take back a note, but did it to get rid of a problem property.
  • Professional real estate investors who consider the creation of paper to be an extra income source.

Those who invested in a mortgage as an investment.

These again come in 2 types:

  • Those who originated a loan, probably a hard money, high interest equity loan.
  • Those who bought a note at a discount.

While real estate professionals and note investors will show up on Public Records, they are highly unlikely to be selling their notes at a discount. But circumstances change. We want this to be the site they have been using for servicing advice and this the place they will turn to if they wish to sell their note.

We hope you will find many good notes and mortgages on our site.

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