Real Estate Investor Mortgages

Do you want a mortgage to buy a real estate investment property?

The type of mortgage you need will depend on the reason you are buying the real estate:

  • Is it a property you intend to buy quickly, fix up and then re-sell (flip) as soon as possible?
  • Or is it a property that you intend to keep for the long term as an investment?

Short Term Flip

If you intend to hold the property for a short time only then the most important thing to you is speed of funding. The interest rate will be of lesser importance as you will only be paying interest for a short time. Also important are any pre-payment penalties for paying off the mortgage early. A hard money loan could well meet your requirements.

Long Term Investment

If you intend to keep the property as an investment however, then you need a mortgage at a low enough interest rate that your mortgage payments and other expenses will be all or mostly covered by the rent you will receive.

Find the Money

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More for Real Estate Investors

You will find a great deal of information about real estate investment on our website. Including free spreadsheets to help you determine the long and short term profitability of your intended investment.