Money Making Ideas

If you sell a property and intend to take back a mortgage, consider selling it on an Agreement for Deed / Land Contract instead. View a sample Agreement For Deed / Land Contract.

There are several benefits to you.

  • A lien against the buyer of your property does not stick to the real estate, so if they don’t pay you can take back a Quit Claim Deed rather than having to foreclose. View a sample Quit Claim Deed.
  • You don’t need to pay for title insurance till you hand over the Warranty Deed. View a sample Warranty Deed.
  • The buyer can still refinance the loan and pay you off.

Do you ever negotiate to buy from a home owner and ask them to carry a mortgage?

  • Have you ever heard, “I’d sooner have the cash”?
  • Why not direct them to this website where they will be able to sell that mortgage for cash?

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