Create your Mortgage Documents for single family homes. FREE!

These mortgage, deed of trust and promissory note documents are valid in every state, provided you use the correct mortgage forms for your state.

They may be used provided no charge is made for them. You will need to type in the information specific to your mortgage. Such as lender, borrower, payment terms etc.

Select the mortgage, deed of trust and promissory note documents you need from the FannieMae ®website. Go about halfway down the page to search for legal documents. You will need to enter the type of document, you typically will need a Security Instrument and a Note. We recommend you use the Standard Document. You also enter the State and Language.

We recommend use of these documents as they are standard throughout the USA. Every lender will be familiar with them and they do an excellent job of protecting your rights as a lender.

Reminder. These forms are provided as a service only. We are not rendering you legal or professional advice. If you don’t understand what you are doing, see a local expert.

The Mortgage document typically will state the borrowers name(s) and address, their marital status, the lenders name and address, the legal description of the property, the street address of the mortgaged property, the amount of the mortgage and when it must be repaid by.

It does NOT usually show the interest rate, the payment amounts and late charges. It is witnessed and notarized.

The promissory note (often called mortgage note or just note) will state the lenders name and address, the amount of the mortgage, the payment amount, the interest rate, any late charges, the final payment date, the number of payments, if it is a balloon note and default provisions. The note is signed by the borrowers but is not typically witnessed, notarized or recorded.