Secrets of the Note Buying Business

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Note Brokers vs. Note Investors

When you do a search on “sell mortgage” on the Internet you will find thousands of companies who will offer you a free quote on your note. To get a top spot Sponsored Link (= paid advertising) they may pay as much as $20-40 per click just to get someone to LOOK at their website. Most of them are Note Brokers. Note Brokers are not investing their own money to buy your mortgage.

Note Brokers Compared to Real Estate Brokers and Mortgage Brokers

Note Brokers, just like Real Estate Brokers and Mortgage Brokers earn a fee for bringing buyers and sellers together. BUT, unlike Real Estate Brokers and Mortgage Brokers the fee is not a fixed percentage.

How Note Brokers Get Paid

You send note brokers all the details of the note, a copy of the mortgage, the note and other documents too. They then will submit this information to private or institutional mortgage investors. They get the best offer and then they calculate how much to offer you. The DIFFERENCE between what your note is worth and what you will accept can amount to thousands of dollars and this is how their fee is calculated. This is how they can afford to pay for that costly Internet and TV advertising.

Should you use a Note Broker..Yes! (but see below)

Does this mean you should only offer your note for sale to actual note investors? NO! A note broker does a valuable job and is entitled to be paid for their services. A good note broker can often offer you a higher price even after being paid a fee. Just like a Real Estate Broker can often get you a higher price for your home. But how do you make sure that you are getting the best price and not leaving too much on the table?

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Sell your mortgage for cash rather than receiving monthly payments.

You can sell all of your mortgage or you can sell part of your mortgage. For example, you may need just $10,000 now to pay off some credit cards. But your mortgage may have $50,000 principal still owing. You can sell just part of your mortgage to give you the cash you need. After the buyer has received the payments they bought, the mortgage reverts to you and you receive the rest of the mortgage payments.

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